The exact definition of what is a basic till and what is an EPOS till remains somewhat elusive. Both are certainly hardware (ie the stuff you can touch), usually however an EPOS till will be PC based, just like all your other computers, and could in theory run till programs from any supplier you may choose. Choosing the right ‘EPOS-system’ however is critical. Because all tills are based on a common pool of hardware, and because most till software systems may initially look similar to each other, it is easy to assume they all do the same job. But essential functions such as ease of use, accuracy and speed are tackled very differently by different till systems.

Till screen

Take the many implications of missing a barcode at point of sale. Without a barcode how will you identify the item being purchased, and therefore ensure that your sales records are correct? While you try to sort out the problem lengthy queue can quickly build at the till and often result in lost sales. You could make a note of the relevant details to deal with later, but in reality the information is likely to get forgotten or mislaid, resulting in your stock and sales records being inaccurate. Your till should be able to solve this problem elegantly.

Stock look up at the till

Your till should also be able to adapt to changing circumstances. Customers can and do change their minds. Your shop staff need an easy way to cancel an item or to cope if your customer goes off in search of a new item mid way through a transaction. Questions such as “can I get this in a larger size” “do you have this in blue at your other shop” or “what jackets do you have in my size” should be quick and easy to answer not take 15….30….45 seconds.

Likewise now, or at a later date, you may wish to capture your customers’ details so that you have a complete record of their purchases, down to the size and colour level. This usually needs to be available ondemand at the point of sale. Will it be quick when you have thousands of sales recorded, and can you also access this at the HQ to do email shots, text shots, promotions and loyalty?

Stock availability across all your shops

What is essential is that you are confident that the system you choose can and will deal with all these types of issues quickly and efficiently causing the minimum stress to you, and ensuring that your customer will always be satisfied. When you review the Top to Toe till you will see that speed and ease are its key features, it is designed for shop staff who want to get the job done and to keep your customers happy.

EPOS features

  • Mini touch screen key pad – easy to use and able to set up in a number of layouts
  • Instant size and colour look up
  • View goods in other shops
  • Display goods in
  • Process and sell items with missing bar codes
  • Handle two or more transactions
  • Full customer tracking facilities
  • Displays stock pictures
  • Look up a customers previous purchase
  • Credit card clearance
  • Complete deposit, gift voucher and credit not generation/tracking
  • GOods on approval facility
  • Stock/orders receipt at till
  • EPoS based transfers
  • Flexible item cancel facility
  • Complete discount tracking
  • Reason codes for discounts and returns
  • Task/Job tracking
  • Multiple currencies
  • Linkage to video security system
  • Customer accounts